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January 24, 2018

Protesters demand FedEx to stop shipping shark fins

The message is clear — environmental activists want FedEx to stop shipping shark fins. They’re a delicacy in Chinese cuisine, but their trade kills an estimated 70 million sharks a year. Activists hope to put pressure on the courier after its competitor UPS put a ban last year. (SOUNDBITE) (English) HONG KONG SHARK FOUNDATION, APPLE CHOW, SAYING: “So this company, FedEx, they are still shipping, allowing the customer to ship shark fins, this actually will make the problem worse, because there is no regulation to stop shipping some kind of endangered species, which is quite dangerous, because one-third of the oceanic sharks are already at the risk of extinction.” Hong Kong is the center of the trade. Shark fins are typically cut off and the live shark is tossed back into the sea. Unable to swim properly, it suffocates or gets killed by predators.

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