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February 19, 2018

Nation congratulates on the budget allocation of Prime Minister, Chief Minister and others

For the coming fiscal year 88 crore rupees have been allocated for the billionaire prime minister’s house, 86 crore for president house, 42 crores for Kadim Aala, chief minister Punjab , 36 crores for CM Sindh but for a poor and meagre labourer to meet it’s both ends only 14000 rupees have been suggested,in which he will provide food, shelter , cloth and all other facilities to his family.

It has become been quite a big game for the labourer to run his house in 14000 rupees but the government has no concern with it. It has to allocate budget for it’s high up and duty to allocate a mouthful of money for them.

The government who is always delivering a lecture on simplicity has allowed 88 crore rupees to meet the expenditures of prime minister house,which is getting from the tax money of the people.The previous budget of the prime minister house was 84 crore which has bee enhanced by 5 percent this year. Similarly, the president house is allocated 86 crore rupees.

Last year president house budget was 80 crore rupees and now increased by almost 8 percent.

The Kadim Aala’s house has been allocated rupees 42 crore rupees which were 34 crore rupees in the last fiscal year which is not a big deal.

The increase reaches to 22 percent this year.Governor house budget is this time 26 crore which was 24 crore rupees last year.

It is a surprise for the people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and they are astonished on the lavish living off their rulers.

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One Response “Nation congratulates on the budget allocation of Prime Minister, Chief Minister and others”

  1. Ahmar
    June 15, 2016 at 11:03 pm

    What about KPK CM house budget ?

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