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January 19, 2018

Encroachments in Faisalabad , backed by administration, citizens


Encroachments in Bazaars of Faisalabad, has made the life of people miserable as the shopkeepers have occupied most part of the roads with their goods. These occupy one third of city’s all roads and causing traffic jams and creating trouble to commuters in the city.

To get more income they have rented out the space in front of their shops to the cart sellers . It has become difficult for the citizens to walk in those bazaars, and any citizen who ask for such lawlessness is being insulted by the shopkeepers.

Attention has been drawn by the citizens to remove encroachments, but all in vain. The district administration is least interested in removal of encroachments.

These owners seem most powerful that nobody takes action against their moral and illegal act.

Some citizens have reported that these encroachments are made with the consent of Municipal Administration, who have fixed monthly money (bribe) for this act.

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