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January 19, 2018

Food & Health

Natural weight loss fruits for all seasons

Apple Apple when eaten gives a feeling of fullness and it contains pectin that slows down the digestion . It is considered a natural appetite depressant. Apple is a good source of antioxidants , vitamin C, and fibre. Eating with skin has more good results. Banana Banana is a good source of Potassium but it

Beyond Gluten: Understanding Bread’s Bad Rap

By Amy Halloran (Zester Daily) – “The world doesn’t want to know the truth about gluten,” graduate student Lisa Kissing Kucek joked at Cornell University’s research farm in Freeville, N.Y. Lightning cut the sky, and we, a group of farmers and bakers, dashed for our cars before she could tell us what she’d discovered. Now

World Kidney Day, kidney disease on the rise, Dr. Tufail

Faisalabad: A rally was taken out by the doctors of Allied Hosptial to create awareness among masses about the renal care on ‘World Kidney Day’. Rally was led my Professor Doctor Tufail urologist and Dr.Bilal Javed which started from Punjab Medical College (PMC) to Allied Hospital. Many other doctors also participated in the rally which

Trying to lose weight, go for this food

Move over, oatmeal and apples. People trying to lose weight are often told to turn to fibre so they feel more satisfied after a meal but new research suggests protein does the trick as well. High-protein diets are gaining popularity for a reason — they help dieters feel full faster even if they’re eating fewer

The Nutritionist No One Talks About

By Emily Contois (Zester Daily) – The history of nutrition often heralds Wilbur Olin Atwater as the Father of American Nutrition, but he had a daughter, Helen Woodard Atwater, who made her own mark on the world of food, though few know her name. Born in 1876, Helen’s girlhood unfolded alongside her father’s research in

Battle the winter Blahs with these 4 Ginger Recipes

By Rose Winer (Zester Daily) – Winter is making its presence chillingly known, and when the bitter winds and icy storms appear, so do the runny noses and sore throats. I’ve discovered that a key friend in these situations is also one of my favorite ingredients: ginger. The spicy root, while better known for curing

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