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January 19, 2018

Exiting videos

Cowboy boots among Reagan items up for auction-Video

Cowboy boots made for actor turned 40th President president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, are up for auction at Christie’s in New York Furniture, dining sets and jewellery are also among the 700 lots belonging to former President Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan that will be put on the auction block. The collection

Dog drives Tesla – video

There’s no rule saying a dog can’t drive a car. Well, there probably is. But self-driving cars? That’s a different ballgame altogether, as this Tesla-piloting pooch clearly knows. Our driver less future is here — and it is adorable.

Putin parody goes viral (video)

Story: Two weeks after posting his latest parody on YouTube – a satire on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Machismo – Slovenian actor and comedian Klemen Slakonja has more online hits than his country has people. Three millions viewers clicked on the “Putin Putout” Video to see Slakonja as Putin. He rides a horse bare chested,defeats

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