Sharifs ; Mughal Empire strikes back


Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif performed on Sunday the ground breaking ceremony of Rs 44.21 billion Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Service (MBS) project here, aimed at providing a fast and quality transport service for commuters. Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, federal ministers, members of national and provincial assemblies and senior government officials attended the ceremony.


Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif Prime Minister, Pakistan

“Mughal Empire strikes back”

When we talk about the Mughal Empire we are lost in the big forts, monuments gardens, darbars, wars and conspiracies. Mughals ruled this region of sub continent for a period of 1526 when Baber first defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in the Battle of Paniput and extended to War of Independence in 1857.

Similarly the projects of Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif resembles the projects of Mughal Empire. Metro Bus Service project in Islamabad Rawalpindi is being designed when Pakistan is suffering from poverty, lack of hospitals, schools and basic life saving drugs. Paramedical staff, teachers and clerks are on roads and protesting against government who has been totally failed to satisfy these people. The electricity shortage and gas shedding are major crisis in the country. The polluted drinking water, un human environment are killing people. Every third person is a patient of Hepatitis C and unable to bear its cost of treatment. There is lack of burn units in the country, many projects are still suspended due to shortage of funds. Hospitals lack medical facilities and machinery. The schools are without teachers and used as stores and ware houses of the influential. The 1122 ambulance service started by the Government of Pervez Ellahi former CM Punjab is deteriorating day by day. No attention is being paid on this project. Traffic Wardens are openly misbehaving with the citizens. Thana culture has not been changed, relatives and buddies are being appointed on key posts.People are dying in accidents on roads, law and order situation is alarming, street crimes are increasing people are committing suicides in front of the police stations and no action is being taken. Children are surrendering to deaths due to lack of food, medicines and other facilities in the area of Tharparker. Schools have been closed in Cholistan  desert due to non availability of the teaching staff, health units only have expired medicines , doctors are not willing to work in the remote areas , quacks are taking the lives of people and rulers of Islamic Republic of Pakistan , the modern Mughals of this region are fulfilling their own desires. The thing that whole Pakistan lies primarily in Lahore and then in some other cities like Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan etc. etc. Government institutions are under the threat of privatization. The steel mill of Karachi, PIA, Railways and many others institutions are victim of corruption and disruption. Corruption is spreading like cancer, doors of justice are closed for a common man in the country, women are being abused, children are not in schools, mafias are flourishing under the shelter of big shots, adulteration is common , price control committees are helpless to perform their duties, illeterate persons are appointed on high posts and taking decisions , beaurocracy has become more stronger, high police officials are hiding in fort like offices , whole nation in on the disposal of criminals and Bhata mafias, land is being grabbed no job is done with giving bribe, high commissions are received from the national and multinational companies.

Instead of performing for which people elected them they are behaving like Mughal Empire, have huge palaces on acres having all the amenities of life. Few days back a peacock of rare breed was killed by the wild cat in the palace of Nawaz Sharif , prime minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The order was given to catch the wild cat and finally it was caught. PM ordered to award appreciation certificates to the officials of elite force for this effort. On the other hand dozens are killed daily but not even a single criminal is arrested. This is the difference between the life of Mughal Emperors and common man. So one can say that a peacock is more important than a human life.

Shahbaz Sharif

Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister, Punjab Province, Pakistan

Mughal Empire strikes back and history is repeating itself, when universities and educational institutions were blooming in America and Europe, Muslim rulers in Sub Continent were busy in constructing Taj Mahal, Gardens and monuments.

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