Peace and stability not possible in the tenure of Nawaz Sharif and company

Two days back, chief of the army staff General Raheel Sharif expressed his views at Signals Regiment Center, Kohat. He said that law and order , peace and stability could not be maintained unless corruption in the country is eradicated.

This was a true statement as far as I understand. Every institution is now corrupted and deteriorated, now even a single department is corruption free.

The credit goes to Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif who promoted this culture. The taking of parliamentarian to Changa Manga or Murree was invented by these two. Then emerged a new leader after the death of Benazir Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari who was known as Mr. Ten Percent.

Both PML N and PPP did not spare the Pakistan and made money as much as possible. The second generation in the tenure of Nawaz Sharif is now working on different high positions in the bureaucracy and at very low grade four posts. How they can disobey their masters, who appointed their fathers or brothers in different departments.

Country lacks merit, the intelligent are roaming with degrees in their hands and crooked and average people are getting appointments out of merit. It was a disgusting and embarrassing situation when police could not handle the recent Chooto Gang case and army was called to settle the issue.

Why our police is so incompetent is quite evident that appointments in the police are not done on merit, even posting are done on the basis of relations and closeness. The Supreme Court ordered to cancel all out of turn promotions but government did not implement the order up til now. The favoritism is the rule of appointment and posting.The totally under political pressure police is unable to work efficiently. Inspector General of police is a dummy as far as posting or transfers of senior police officials are concerned. Above all the Chooto Operation is defeat of the IGP-Punjab, he should resign on moral grounds.

Similarly the Sharifs and Zardaris are robbing the country and there is no one to stop or oppose them.It seems that our rulers are from the contractors clan , busy in construction work all the time. This is being done on the name of development but actually this is not development. When people need food, health care, education, shelter, medicines, cheap edible goods what they will do with the construction of the road. Law and order situation is worsening day by day. Police in police stations have those vehicles which starts by pushing, whereas officers grabs the new vehicles. A single senior officer has at least two or three vehicles at his disposal. Crime rate is increasing day by day because of unemployment. What the youth will do , if they will not get the jobs, to earn for their livelihood. A day will come when they will start something criminal.

Nawaz Sharif Prime Minister has no moral ground to stay on chair after the Panama Papers revelation but he is bold enough to face all charges of corruption what so ever by saying that people of Pakistan elected me.

The corruption is like termite which is destroying our whole system, the government did not kept even its single promise. Now they are telling us to wait for 2018, every thing will be ok. How? I am unable to understand. If the same situation continues I am sure that Sharifs or Zardaris will not be able to survive at least in Pakistan and public will put each and every piece of their wealth on fire and slash them into slices.

It is time to ponder, that how government manages good for the public.

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