My father’s childhood home

By- Sara Tanwir- Edmonton-Canada

This is my fathers childhood home… Where he was born and brought up with his younger brothers and sisters by a doting and loving set of proud parents. This house tells a story of merry laughter and a full and rich childhood. It tells us about the promise of tomorrow and hopes and loyalties that will be tested in time. It resonates with the giggles of overjoyed grandchildren visiting from the city and an adoring lady with shining white hair and smiling kind face planting thousands of tiny kisses on foreheads of these delirious little visitors! How can we forget our maasi basheeran…. How can we forget the echoes of our own laughter mingled with the past of our father…. This is a time set in stone. But maasi is no more and this 50 years old home is now a house with many stories engraved in its walls. My most favourite being the one in which there is a handsome and bright young man, who holds the reigns of his blazing black stallion, standing next to his proud father… Planning to win the world. My father… May Allah give you health and a long life and may there never be any regrets in your wake. We love you more than can be explained. You are a symbol of life for us. Life is where you are and you need to be with us always Insha’Allah.

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