Love for Winter

Love for Fall & Winter

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Fall is the time of peace, tranquility and sweet goodbyes. After turning all the green in gold, fall departed unannounced. It took us an entire week to rake the leaves in front and the back yard. After the land has been ridden off the dry leaves, fertilisers are sprayed all over the grass to ensure it stays alive during the winter season while being buried under the heavy blankets of snow. Winter came surprisingly a week prior to the forecasted time hiding the land under the white blanket of snow. The icy cold kiss by the wind chills early in the morning is exactly what you need to awaken and stimulate the mind while leaving for work before the sun says hello.

For all those people who have to commute on buses every day, I must add that life for them can be pretty challenging in extreme weather conditions such as Alberta’s. Alberta has faced a minimum temperature of -46 deg. being exposed to such low temperatures can easily lead to hypothermia and frostbite immediately. I have personally experienced temporary numbness of fingers, ears, and even face because of standing at the bus stop for 10 or more minutes constantly. It is advisable to stay updated with the bus route and timings before leaving for your desired destination to avoid encountering such excruciating situations mentioned above. “Google maps” gives you an exact time of the arrival of the bus. May God bless Larry Page and Sergey Brin for creating Google  :P. The most heart warming part of winter is the smell of “COFFEE” in the air especially when you are entering a mall, passing by a coffee shop, or walking in to the library. These soulful moments are a bliss for all those who had been out in the freezing weather for an entire day. The first sip of coffee that touches your lips is so heavenly you literally feel the warmth embrace your entire body.

Winter gear for me includes long boots, long warm winter coats, woollen scarves and socks, and leather gloves, warmers, oh and of course hand lotion to keep the hands hydrated and Vaseline to avoid blisters on lips.

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Winter is happiness…happiness for those who love nature unconditionally. And for all those who see love in the freezing air beyond compare, feel the warmth crawl down your body when a soft snow flake pecks your cheek, observe the strength and power of God in the frozen robust trees standing steadfast to the ground like soldiers, and the white furry rabbits hopping around looking for food for their little babies hidden away in a safe warm place somewhere deep down in the ground.

Winter has its own charm. And being a sporty person myself, I have found my reasons to enjoy winter in all ways. Edmonton has one of the most adventurous skiing resorts, some of the famous ones being snow valley ski club, sunridge ski area, Rabbit hill snow resort and Downhill riders. Other than skiing ice skating is one of the other outdoor leisure activities enjoyed here in Edmonton. West Edmonton mall, which was one of the world biggest malls at one time, has an indoor ice rink, which has been one of my personal favourites since forever. Ice hockey has also been a fun experience for me. But in order to play that sport you need to know ice skating.
Other than outdoor sports, all summer sports can be thoroughly enjoyed indoors too. I had been an active member of Edmonton cricket association, and we used to have our practice sessions indoors in a huge stadium.

Winter in Edmonton is full of amusement, pleasure and entertainment for vigorous people. You can achieve fulfilment in all four weathers.  For lazy moments one can always go to the theaters and watch a nice movie with a cup of coffee, hot popcorn covered in butter and yummy nachos.

There are a million ways to enjoy moments, one just needs to be positive and have high spirits to get started with the fun in life. My motto in life is to “pray, love and be happy with what you have, Hence live life to the fullest” let the world worry about the rest. Look around, everything is so beautiful, it takes your breath away, how can one complain with all this beauty scattered around you. I love winter from the time of the first snow fall to the last rain of the season.

Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius. _ Pietro Aretino


Blog post by: Myra Tanwir

From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Date: 15/11/2013

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  1. The author seems to be very creative and has a way of making you feel a part of it (esp in the first paragraph). A surge of positive energy goes through you when you reach the end. Keep it up!

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