In the line of duty

Faisalabad: 25 March 2016

Today was a pleasant, cloudy, breezy and comfortable day of the week. On Friday most of the shops in the town remain closed and open after Friday Prayers. Around 10.30 am I was passing by on Jarawala Road when I saw a car of traffic police, parked on the road side. The driver of the car a constable was taking sips of tea and his senior was talking to other constable who was holding a book in his hand. Several vehicles were also  parked in front of the car at some distance.

Few people were gathered around the police car and asking the constable to get them off . The main square was left vacant by the traffic police and nobody was there to control the traffic.

Today was a day of giving tickets to the drivers to complete the target assigned to them. It is a very common scene which can be seen on the streets and roads of Faisalabad. On some fine days you see traffic police very active and efficient. This is not due to that they are going to train the people about traffic rules or to guide them in an educated manner about the laws. They have no intention to enforce the law.

They are efficient to give tickets to the drivers because they have to complete their targets assigned to them by their senior officers.. In the last week of every month traffic police is more efficient and productive because of collecting money through fines. This is more respectable way to grab money from the public.

They collect money and this money goes into the account of traffic police opened in a bank. What happens to this money, where it goes and utilized is never asked by anyone.

The fine collected by the traffic police has never been audited as no report has been made public. Now the time has come to ask the traffic police that where all this money is utilized . Public has a right to ask under the law.

Muhammad Sohail Irshad

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