The Hidden Scars

The following story is by a friend who has shared a random experience of everyday life in Pakistan which depicts and tries to capture the hardships, pain and loss of the common man.  The sources however will be kept anonymous as per request of the friend.

I learned a few great lessons today which i would like to share with everyone on my facebook, please do read if you have the time. Today i went to the Centaurus, Shopping Mall and there i saw a man sitting opposite a stall, alone on the side drinking tea, he was old, a little chubby, his hair grey, he was wearing a black track suit with blue stripes and a leather jacket on top, as i looked at his face, he looked as if life had taken its toll on him, sweat of sadness and regret dropping from his face, but he was trying to suck the happiness out of every little joy he could find, such as tea and my little niece. So i went and sat next to him, I said “Asalamalaikum” and I also told my niece to say “Asalamalaikum” and she did while shaking his hand, and he reciprocated the greeting with a smile to both of us. He asked my niece if she wanted something to eat but she wasn’t interested as she is of course only two years old, she was more interested in the burn scars she saw on his hands which i actually failed to notice at first.

So as some of you might know i have a very curious mind so i asked him, “uncle how did you get those scars?” he said “I got them while saving my wife”, and immediately i asked him “uncle, how is your wife? is she alright?” and then as if the world slapped me with all the sadness it could find, he replied “she passed away…”, and this reminded me of how much we take for granted in life, the little sorrows and regrets we have, everything just started to seem so small in front of this pain and regret. He was all alone now, sitting there waiting for his daughter’s family and niece to show up (who has the same name as my niece).

However the only reason i really shared this was to send a reminder to myself and all the readers that life is short, live it to the fullest, your pain and sadness isn’t as great as you think, there are worse things in life then death, first impressions are not last, perceptions and appearances can be deceiving, don’t be judgmental, pray sincerely and wholeheartedly, be a giver rather then a taker, have lower expectations, be empathic and kind towards everyone even the people you hate and last but not least suck the juice of happiness out of every single moment and second in life because life ends unexpectedly and then all you might have is regret, and regret kills you inside everyday of your life which is worse then death itself…

(**This story does not insinuate that I haven’t heard, seen or lived worse. The identities of everyone including the author are kept anonymous as permission was not taken from all the characters involved before sharing this story**)

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