Christmas & New Years Eve in Edmonton


– I truly apologies for taking so long in putting up my article, but I hope the reading compensates for the delay, as I have tried my level best to summaries the two major events in Canada with an honest effort.
hope you have a good read! 

Putting down some amazing moments in words can be a troublesome task at times. No matter how much you adore writing, some moments can only be felt and the hardest to be expressed. Anyways, I’d like to start off by wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW year. May the coming year be filled with joy, health and happiness for all of you out there reading my article ;).

On a more serious note, from the bottom of my heart, I pray for all my Muslim brothers and sisters out there who are in despair and misery. May Allah (S.W.T) bestow his blessings upon the Muslims all around the world and confer peace on them and end their sufferings. And may He bless all those who are not with us anymore with a beautiful place in Jannah!

For me personally, New Years Eve here in Edmonton is always and only with family. We usually get together for dinner and carry out a congregational prayer. When the clock strikes 11’ we all leave the house in order to witness the breathtaking and awe-inspiring fireworks that i wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world. That moment when you realise that Allah Tallah has favoured you by letting you be with your family; the most beautiful people who are more precious to you than all the riches in the universe. And the mere thought of having them stand beside you, gazing at the epic display of fireworks brims your heart with emotions that makes you teary eyes. The scene is just so overwhelming it clouds all your senses and the only thought that runs through my mind is that “Alhamdulillah I am standing here today, holding my parents hands, who are in a very good health and I am one of those very few lucky people who are awarded with this beautiful moment where you can feel the oneness of your family. May it always be like this (Amen). May Allah (SWT) get us through rough times and give us all, the strength to cope with the realities of life with a big heart and ease up on our pain.

At exactly 12 we all hug and greet each other a very happy new year and put a seal to a very beautiful day with going to a near by cafe and having a warm cup or tea.

Now that’s my New Years Eve. I hope yours was as happening and  joyful as mine.


People invest thousands of dollars to decorate their homes for Christmas-  The city then rewards them for their efforts by waving of their billing charges and also bestows upon them a monetary reward for their Christmas contributions..

Coming forth to the Christmas Eve.

25th December- Christmas is marked as the Birthday of Jesus according to the Christian Calendar 
This year unfortunately I wasn’t really able to do much, as I was out of city for a friends wedding. But usually, all of us friend go out and marvel over the wonderful decorative lights people set their homes with.

images (2)


Well, to be honest we don’t really celebrate Christmas anyways, but its always a joy to see all the Christians around us so merry happy and ecstatic in the Christmas spirit. Christmas is somewhat like how Eid is for us.Families get together, coming from all parts of the world to just one meeting place and have a feast which specifically/ traditionally include  oven-roasted brine-soaked turkey, fruit cakes, christmas puddings and other very delicious dishes.

images (1)

Legislature building beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Keeping all our opinions and differences aside, and talking about the celebrations and festivity of the time of Christmas is yet another very interesting topic.

Edmonton lightens up during this time as everyone takes part in decorating their houses with Christmas lights and various decorations.


My favorite part is the sales on all my favorite stores. On top off all the discount prices for Christmas, Boxing Day discount levied on all the branded goods is like free gifts. After these two eventful days for all the shopaholics out there, comes yet another surprise “THE CLEARANCE SALES”. That’s like getting free gold after the war. Discount prices go down to 70%, and every mall I know is usually crowded with people during that time of the year.


“Ice on Whyte Ave” – display of ice sculptures during the Christmas eve by some remarkable artists.

The Edmonton Christmas tree is seen here in 2009. Metro/City of Edmonton

Churchill Square Glistening in Christmas lights. 

All in all, Canada is a multicultural nation, and everyone gets to learn a little bit of each other’s religion, culture and norms on special days like that. Everyone loves the festivity that runs in the air through out the year. Christmas for us is yet another excuse to go shopping and enjoy the lights that glisten all over Canada.  And new years is a time of awareness that time has passed us by so fast, but fate has still kept the loved ones around us to preserve our happiness. May Allah keep us all happy, healthy and blessed.

My next article will be dedicated to my visit to Pakistan.  That I believe will be a very interesting read. Cause my views about Pakistan have changed drastically in these past couple of years.
Enjoy! 🙂

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