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February 19, 2018

Police arrests three suspects in murder of actress Kismat Baig

Lahore- Stage actress Kismat Baig was on her way to home when two persons on a motorbike opened fire on her.

She was taken to the services hospital with 12 bullet shots in her lower limb.

Her driver was injured in the incident but did not get any fatal injury. The actress succumbed to injuries and expired in the hospital.

Police after her death registered a case against three unknown persons.

The fellow actors and actresses demonstrated on the Mall Road and asked the police to arrest the killers. However on the assurance of the police they dispersed.

Later mother of Kismat Baig in her statement said that driver of her daughter would be responsible for her death.

Police arrested the suspect, secretary Ali Butt, one actress Mahnoor and another person and started an investigation.

Now police told that Ali Butt is not only the secretary of the deceased actress but also a close friend of her.

One of the suspects taken into custody is ex-husband of the Kismat Baig.

The police have also shown an intention to arrest a person Rana Faheem from Faisalabad.

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